Construction disputes

Selected experience:

  • Representing the general contractor in a dispute concerning the termination of the contract for the construction of an environment protection related facility (the value of mutual claims exceeding EUR 70 million).
  • Representing the general contractor in the dispute concerning delays and defects in the development of a traffic management system (the value of mutual claims exceeding EUR 15 million).
  • Advising the contracting authority in a dispute with the general contractor regarding delays in the construction of a power plant (total value of claims exceeding EUR 25 million).

Financial disputes

Selected experience:

  • representing clients in disputes concerning foreign currency loans.
  • challenging on behalf of banks and insurers decisions of the President of UOKiK imposing fines for the alleged use of unfair contractual provisions.

Competition disputes

Selected experience:

  • representing a chemical company in a dispute with its competitor (the dispute’s value exceeding EUR 10 million).
  • representing a fin-tech company in a dispute with its former CEO and a company he founded.

White collar crime and compliance

I have experience in advising and representing clients in white collar crime cases and conducting internal investigations for clients’ compliance departments.

Infringment of personal rights

Selected experience:

  • Obtaining a record compensation for a victim of a sexual assault.
  • Representing a CEO of a public company in the criminal proceedings initiated against a local politician for defamatory statements.

Corporate disputes

Selected experience:

  • Representing a director of an insolvent company, sued by the company’s creditor (value of the dispute: over EUR 9 million).
  • Representing a shareholder in a dispute concerning the court’s permission for selling his shares.

Other commercial disputes

Selected experience:

  • Representing an aircraft manufacturer in a dispute with a competitor that demanded cancellation of a public tender for the purchase of helicopters (value of the dispute: over EUR 4 billion).
  • Representing an IT company in a dispute with a consulting firm demanding a success fee for restructuring one of the company’s departments (value of the dispute: EUR 800 thousand).
  • Representing a rolling stock manufacturer in a dispute regarding contractual penalties for the alleged delays and defects of the delivered vehicles (value of the dispute: over PLN 35 million).
  • Real estate disputes (including disputes concerning lease agreements, property restitution cases, disputes related to perpetual usufruct).

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